Photo Rhonda credit Mark Cronan

About Rhonda:

Philosophy: I embrace exploring the world and would describe myself as an amateur photography enthusiast. My philosophy has always been “Why not now?” and believe that life is too fleeting to explore all this beautiful planet has and all the hidden, and sometimes disappearing, treasures it conceals.

About me: I have always loved to visit other places and peoples. My first trip was to Europe for 6 ½ months. The second time was to the South Seas for 7. In just the last 4 years I have traveled to Myanmar, Iceland & Greenland, Antarctica, India, Tanzania, Rwanda, Easter Island, Bolivia, the Outer Hebrides, and parts of Europe.

Experiencing various travel tour groups has cemented in me a firm appreciation of what “good” looks like. I am excited that, through my agency, I have access to be able to curate trips with highly vetted in-country specialists.

Mission: Small group. Huge Experience. Personalized service. By working with a recognized expert photographer and by keeping the group sizes small, skill and flexibility is in perfect concert for a remarkable photography and travel experience. When traveling with me I hope to offer you the ability to capture moments for lasting memories.

I look forward to meeting you!